Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you only sell recycled bricks in lots of 1000?

A. No, we sell any amount of Recycled bricks just the delivery remains the same for 1 brick or 1000 bricks.

Q. How many bricks to a square metre when paving?

A. Approximately 40 bricks are in a square metre though this can differ slightly depending on your pattern

Q. How many bricks to a square metre when building a wall?

A. Approximately 50 bricks per square metre

Q. Are there any height, weight or width limitations for goods pickup?

A. We will need approximately 2.6 metres across our all terrain forklift to fit

Q. Is there anything else I should know about pickup and/or delivery?

A. Our typical means of delivery is with a all terrain forklift that detaches from the delivery truck. A crane truck can be requested but please let us know

Q. How much does a pallet of bricks weigh?

A. A pallet of bricks weighs approximately 2.2 tonnes

Q. What dimensions are the pallets?

A. Pallets are 1.14m squared

Q. How much does a brick weigh?

A. A brick weighs approximately 4.15kg / 9 pounds when not wet