The Case For Recycled Building Materials

brick wall1900

Recycled building materials are simply building materials that have been used in other structures before. Recycled and second hand bricks are a valuable commodity that can be cleaned for re-use with significant advantages one of which is the impact on the environment as regards land fill. Every year thousands upon thousands of tonnes of premium quality heritage (pre-1950s) bricks that could be cleaned and recycled for re-use in their original form are crushed for road-base instead. It makes far more sense to recycle our heritage brick wherever possible. There is a timeless beauty about recycled brick that is being sought out by environmentally responsible architects, builders, landscapers and homeowners. The quality is there and it’s a cost effective way to build and landscape. 

Our Smithfield yard is just five minutes from the M4 motorway and has one of the most comprehensive ranges of recycled bricks in Sydney. We buy and sell good, recycled and second hand bricks.

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